Welcome to our new offices. We moved in mid-December of 2022, and we’re excited about the different artworks and displays we can show. The wall of caricatures and comics is no longer up…. at least for now. But we have many of our fishart™ wall hangings up on the walls and in the various offices. There are other creative outlets as well: a series of patent themed videos that play on the tv in the conference room, a scale 3D model of the Patent Beast, a dimensional display of the US Patent process, and a large scale patent-themed clock. We also love to decorate the office with seasonal decorations. So almost any day you visit, you’ll be greeted with decorations like you see in the pictures. (Easter decorations in the photos, by the way)

The office style is meant to reflect the firm’s commitment to creatively thinking about patents. Our tagline, The Art of Intellectual Property, conveys that our founding partner, Bob Fish, 1) uses art and creativity to communicate difficult concepts to clients, and 2) applies this creativity to finding solutions to patenting as well. This is the approach we take at Fish IP Law and it literally shows on the walls.