Bob's Books

Bob's Books


About the Author

Robert (Bob) Fish, Esq. is the founding partner of Fish IP Law LLP™.

Bob is the author of Strategic Patenting, White Space Patenting, Green Fields Patenting® and Patent Magic, comprehensive guides to the complete patent process. He also pens the Patent Beast™ comic strip and designs patent-themed board games to educate and bring humor to the patent process.

The Patent Beast™ Comic Book

The Patent Beast™ Comic Book is a concept that started nearly 10 years ago. This book is inspired by real events and finds inspiration from comical situations that arise in the office.

The Patent Beast™ Comic Book pokes fun at staff members, patent examiners, clients, and even the author himself. If you, or someone you know, works in a patent office, or in the field of intellectual property, this is the perfect book! You might also enjoy the first edition of the Patent Beast™ Comic Book, or the Patent Beast board game which can be obtained free-of-charge by emailing us at